Hawk Haven Winery

The new Hawk Haven Winery complex, located near Rio Grande, NJ, will provide this family-owned winery with a central wine production and wine-tasting facility in two connected buildings.  Based on the Family farming heritage and vineyard views, the new winery buildings will take on a modern rustic and agrarian vernacular.

By marrying the existing small tasting room into the new winery complex, the expansion will incorporate a new two-story barn-like structure featuring an exposed timber frame, rusticated finishes, and large metal and glass garage doors that open onto the outdoor terrace and vineyard beyond.

A large sine fireplace will also be a centerpiece. The second floor will be used for special events and private parties and includes a partially covered porch facing the vineyard.

The second new building will be a new 8,500 SF Wine Production building that will house the primary wine-making and barrel storage areas. This production building, which will be connected to the new Wine Tasting building by a covered breezeway, will also be a timber frame barn building. The Production Building will feature exposed timber, wood siding, and a 2nd level catwalk and loft for the winemakers to inspect the wine tanks.

Both buildings will be finished in natural stone, concrete, wood, and metal.