Hudson Boathouse

Located on Schellenger Creek in Cape May, NJ, on a small lane that still features a few remaining 19th-century Boathouses, the locale contains a variety of older boathouses and newer residential structures. The recently completed “Hudson Boathouse” intends to blend traditional architectural character found in some of the original boathouses with modern design features, including an abundance of glass overlooking the Creek.

The footprint for this new three-story Boathouse was constrained to a linear plan based on the waterfront regulations. To counteract that, as well as better complement the scale and context of the neighboring dwellings, the design is broken into three visual parts. The main body of the structure contains the 3 street level garages, which were required for parking and storage. The left side massing incorporated the elevator and rooftop porch, while the “Breezeway” element is indented and virtual transparent from front to back. It allows you to see through the Boathouse to the waterfront and exposes the vertical circulation.

The waterfront (western) façade consists of stacked porches for sun control and provides covered outdoor space taking advantage of the waterfront and sunset views.  The large glass façade consists of fully operable glass walls that open up entirely.