Hyatt Centric

Philadelphia, PA

“The building appears to change shape as you approach it. The faceted
façade appears to unfold as you approach the Hotel. It changes with light
and perspective so that it appears to evolve as you move towards it. We
were asked to create a design that would attract urban travelers that also fit
the site’s unique architectural context, so we created something that would
literally reflect and compliment the surrounding buildings.”

David Schultz, AIA, Co-Founder, DAS Architects


The building materials embody a palette of durable quality products familiar to our region and appropriate to the center city location. The ground floor retail and hotel entry is set in a monumental pre-cast colonnade serving as the building base. The second level, which houses the Social and Food and Beverage program, is exposed and highlighted with a recessed horizontal glazed band that separates the ground floor from the hotel block above.

The 10 hotel floors stacked above are treated with a vertical glazing motif, with intermediate pre-cast vertical panels that accentuate the building’s desired verticality. The glazed façade treatment forms a light and largely transparent façade extending above the roof line as a transparent crown and below the 3rd-floor line as a transparent valance. The Hotel façade materials include brick, articulated metalwork and frames, pre-cast wall panels, and glass.

Lookbook: DAS Hyatt Centric