ICONA Cape May

Since the middle of the 18th century, the leisure class arrived by carriage to escape the crush of humanity in cities such as Philadelphia, New York and Washington, DC. They came to breathe in the fresh salt air, enjoy the warm summer sun, and immerse themselves in the curative waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s how Cape May became the nation’s first seaside resort and was the catalyst for future development in places like Newport and Saratoga Springs. But it was the advent of light rail lines that allowed Cape May to become a seaside resort for middle-class day trippers, and thus began the seasonal pilgrimage from the cities to the shore and the democratization of resorts.

Across from Convention Hall, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in the heart of Cape May, a new project is being proposed that will re-energize the entire community and breathe life back into a property that has fallen into disrepair.

Inspired by the great halls of the previous century, ICONA Cape May is destined to bring luxury back to Cape May. A full-service, boutique hotel featuring 167 guest rooms, a grand ballroom, an open lounge, a destination restaurant, a rooftop bar, and two pools, this project will become a great new addition that one day will be considered a classic.

While most of the guest rooms come with balconies to show off the spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, there is also a selection of luxury suites, each one individually unique. All the internal operations, including parking, are inside the structure, making it a self-contained oasis for luxury vacations.