One Dock Street

The area around Dock Creek was first settled in the seventeenth century because William Penn thought the mouth of the creek was a good site to dock ships. Leather tanners had used Dock Creek since the city’s early days, both as a water source in which to soak animal hides and for refuse disposal. Benjamin Franklin and others petitioned to remove the tanners to a more remote part of the city in 1739.

Until its closure in 1959, the Dock Street Market was Philadelphia’s central wholesale produce market. Beginning in 1870, and located on Dock Street in Society Hill, the market was three blocks long and ran from Sansom Street to Spruce Street, and between Third and Front streets. The market was busiest between midnight and eight in the morning when produce was loaded and offloaded between delivery trucks and warehouses.

The 31-story, luxury high-rise is being developed by Peter DiLullo, Senior VP of LCOR, a residential and commercial property management division that oversees more than 10,000 multifamily units, 8 million square feet of commercial space, and a substantial development pipeline of mixed-use real estate in the core Northeast and Mid-Atlantic markets.

DAS Interiors has been tasked with designing the interiors for a project at One Dock Street. Taking inspiration from the roots of the area, from tanners and woodworkers to stone masons and ironworkers, the spaces reflect an abstracted view of the historical elements. Leather. Wood. Brick. Stone.

Despite the historical references, the spaces were designed to be quite contemporary and feature a cosmopolitan approach to urban living. Given our hospitality approach to residential projects, the project is filled with unique amenities and features such as a rooftop deck, indoor pool, movie theater, and more.

The project is scheduled to be completed by Summer of 2023.