The Madison

An existing 1950s beachfront hotel in the heart of Wildwood Crest at the Jersey Shore is being completely rebuilt and reimagined.  Built during the “Doo Wop” heyday at the Shore, the design for the project embraces that carefree lifestyle of the 50s in the architecture and the interior design, including painstaking reconstruction of the original lobby and sweeping roof lines.

The Madison is located on the beach featuring panoramic ocean views.  When finished, the hotel will feature 100+ guestrooms, a beautiful modern lobby, a restaurant and café with outdoor terrace seating alongside the newly rebuilt beautiful poo, and a terrace overlooking the beach.

Guestrooms will have a bright modern vibe with all new bathrooms, finishes, and accessories highlighting the new “Madison Resorts” Brand of uncluttered casual luxury and a palette of pastel blues and pink tones also reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s Doo Wop era.

The next Phase of the project will include a 4th-floor Indoor Event Venue for weddings and private parties, along with an outdoor terrace for receptions and spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.